Sunday, March 10, 2013

My name is Hanah and I am lost. Can you help me?

Hanah lived in Joplin MO with the Wilkes family. She was very loved and very happy. On May 22, 2011 an F5 tornado devastated the town. Kari Wilkes was hiding in a closet with Hanah and the winds ripped the large white American bulldog right out of her arms. We know Hanah survived because she was photographed two days later by a gentlemen who saw her standing by a pile of rubble. He called for help and says that a dark colored SUV arrived and picked Hanah up.

Hanah's facebook army has spent nearly two years searching shelters, craigslist and anywhere else they can think of. I have been following Hanah's story since she disappeared. Everytime I see a white American bulldog, I look closely to see if it is Hanah. Hanah has very distinct eyes. Her right eye is blue and her left eye is hazel/brown. She also has a dark spot under her left eye.

Hanah was 5 years old when she went missing. It will soon be the 2nd anniversary of the Joplin tornado and Hanah's disappearance. Kari Wilkes and her family have not given up on searching for Hanah. Kari says they will never quit looking until their "fatgirl" is found. There is a 2500.00 reward for Hanah's safe return.

Someone, somewhere knows where Hanah is. Perhaps they don't realize that she is missing from Joplin. If you know anyone who might have gotten a white American Bulldog from a shelter, a friend, or even just found one, please look closely to see if it might be Hanah.

For more information about Hanah check out her Facebook page: Bring Hanah Home

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