Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Healthy “People” Snacks for Your Dog

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Remember when vets warned against feeding “people food” to our pets? After many scares of dog food contamination and gluten deaths, dog owners scrambled to feed their dogs much safer and healthier foods. A lot of dog owners, including myself, have turned to a more natural way of feeding their dogs.

 Before feeding your dog any new type of treats, whether it is dog treats, or “people food” treats, it is advisable to know of any allergies the dog may have. Introduce new treats and foods slowly, and one at a time so you can be aware of any allergies or upsets each new snack might cause. Feed snacks in moderation, no matter how healthy they are!

 Sweet Potatoes:

Your dog will love tiny bites of sweet potatoes. Boil, bake or microwave a plain sweet potato. Remove the skin and chop the sweet potato into appropriate bite size morsels for the size of your dog. Seal the potato into a plastic container and keep it refrigerated. Depending on the size of dog, and the amount of treats given, the sweet potato treats will last quite a while.

Sweet potatoes are rich with Vitamin A and C, which are good antioxidants. The sweet potatoes will also sooth any colon irritation your dog may have. Just be sure to feed plain sweet potato. Glazed or marshmallow ones are great for our dinner, not the dogs!


This is an easy treat to peel and slice for your dog. Dogs can smell a banana a mile away, and will come running for a bite. Just don’t tell them how good it is for them. A banana is a great source of fiber, and it is easily digestible. It is also good for his bones and kidney health.

Green Beans:

 Vegetables as a snack, you ask? Dogs are not trained in the proper etiquette of what you eat when, as we humans are. He doesn’t know that vegetables are not a snack. Toss him a green bean and watch him munch away.

Besides, if Fido is a little pudgy, feeding him or her healthy snacks will trim the waist line. This will help the dog in other areas of health issues as well. An overweight dog causes stress on their joints, heart and lungs, to name a few.

 Peanut Butter:

Okay, it’s a little messy if you just give the dog a glob out of the jar. But think of the nutritional value - it’s loaded with protein, calcium and iron. Try dabbing a small amount onto a piece of celery or carrot. (This is an at home treat to be sure.)

Pet stores also carry chew toys that have a place in them to stuff the peanut butter. If you enjoy baking, you can whip up some peanut butter snacks by simply mixing a few ingredients and baking them in your oven for short time.


Dogs actually like yogurt and it is very good for them. You don’t want to give your dog the fancy flavored yogurt, because it has too much sugar in it. Buy plain, unflavored yogurt and chop a piece of fresh banana into it. Your dog will think he is in treat heaven!

Yogurt has just as many health benefits for dogs as it does for people. So forget the old stand-by that people food is not good for your dog. Some of it is really good and you should be sharing. Just remember to talk with your vet before changing your dog’s diet to drastically…and read those ingredients labels. You may be surprised what you are feeding him or her.

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