Thursday, January 19, 2017

‘A Dog’s Purpose’ accused of terrifying dog during filming, Peta calls for Boycott

Dog lovers and animal activists are angered
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and some say they plan to boycott the show “A Dog’s Purpose” after TMZ released a disturbing video that was taken during filming. The video that is making the rounds on Facebook shows a crew member forcing a German Sheperd into water that is meant to look like a turbulent lake.

The Sheperd shows distress

The video shows the dog desperately trying to claw his way to safety as the handler continues to shove him or her into the churning water. Instead of soothing the dog, the person continues to force the Sheperd to cooperate. According to TMZ, the dog was completely submerged and then handlers rushed in to rescue him.

Dog lovers find the treatment of the dog unacceptable and are sharing the offending pictures on Social Media. Others are clicking on the sad and angry icons to show their displeasure. Commenters say that they were once looking forward to this film, but will no longer watch after seeing how the dog was treated.

Does the disclaimer really protect the dogs?

A lot of movies and shows run a disclaimer that states that ‘no animal was harmed in the making of this film.” The Sheperd may not have been physically harmed, but anyone that views the video can see that the dog is terrified.

Should animals be forced into scary situations all for the sake of a TV show or movie? Animal activist say no and have been protesting for animal rights for years. Any dog owner will tell you that forcing a scared dog into doing something that terrifies them is not only harmful to the dog, it could pose a danger to the handler as well. What if the handler had gotten bitten? Would it have been the dog’s fault?

Supposed to be a loving family film from a dog’s point of view

“A Dog’s Purpose” is supposed to be a film that a family, especially dog lovers, will find heartwarming, enduring and sometimes funny. It’s written from the dog’s point of view and shows the dog being reincarnated as different breeds. The trailer will make you want to see this film, because it shows happy, funny situations that dogs and their owners sometimes face together.

The video depicts an entirely different scene and will leave you angry and upset. Per USA Today, Peta’s senior vice president Lisa Lange, has also seen this video and has joined in to call for a boycott of the movie. The film opens on January 27 and Lange hopes all dog lovers will refuse to attend, thus sending a strong message about the treatment of dogs on a movie set.

You can click on the links in my post to read more and see the disturbing video. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Doesn't that dog look terrified to you?

Here is the "feel good" trailer for "A Dog's Purpose"from You Tube. Quite a difference, wouldn't you say?

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