Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This Blog Needs More Room!

So here is the deal…I was the St. Louis Pets Examiner and Alternative Health Pet Examiner for I have a ton of articles sitting on their site. I recently learned that the site was shutting down and those articles will no longer be available on the web. So! I figured what better place to park them but right here “In the Little Lion’s Den”, right? 

Some of the articles are informative, some or newsworthy, but I am hoping you will find all of them interesting and keep returning to see what’s new. You can join this site by going over to the right and scrolling down aways. That way, you will get notified (or should!) when I post something new.

You could even bookmark the site and return whenever you want to. There are lots of articles to read here and I will be adding more almost daily. Sure some of it might be “old” news about dogs and things, but you may still find it an interesting read.

Do me and the little lions a favor, if you would. We enjoy reading comments and we enjoy seeing our blog shared. If you enjoyed what you read, or even learned something new…leave us a comment and let us know. Share our blog with all your pet friends too!

The Little Lions and I hope to see you back here soon! Until then…

Keep the paws moving!

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