Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Little Lions Say...Get at It!

Since one of the sites I write for is going belly up on July 31st, so is a bit of my monthly income from page views. It might not have been a large amount but it kept my little lions in food and treats! They kind of like their food and treats, so they are getting a little worried!

Never fear, these two get the best I can afford and they think it's time I got this blog to going again and try to earn some pennies so they can have full bowls! Actually, I never meant to neglect this blog like I did...but you all know life happens and soon you get way behind on things, right?

Well I have over a year's worth of fun and knowledge that I have gathered while living with these two very different little Shih Tzu! They definitely each have their own little personalities. Gizmo is getting up there in age while Stormy still acts like a young pup, so it can get interesting at times.

Plus they are both very finicky and are prone to allergies and "skin itches" so we are always dealing with ways to ease all of that! Most of our remedies are pure and natural because I don't like putting anything chemical on them or in them. Maybe you will learn a thing or two as I stick by my promise and keep writing!

Remember to keep tabs on us to make sure I am blogging away! Gizmo and Stormy will also be watching me to see if I am typing. They know keystrokes mean food for them, so they are sure going to keep after me. It will be a fun adventure, as you never know what you might read about here in The Little Lions Den!

See ya soon...keep the paws waving!

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