Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We Takin’ Over this Blog!

Our Mommy, she be really busy writing on some of them there sites she says she knows she will make some of that money stuff. That’s what she uses to trade for me and Stormy’s food we like so well.  So anyways being she is so busy us two decided that most we could do was run this blog thing for her. It’s about us anyways and who knows us better than me and Stormy.

So here goes!

My name is Gizmo. I’m gonna tell you about me because I am the oldest. I been living with Mommy since I was about 12 weeks old and I am nearly 8 now.  Daddy got me and brought me home to live with her cause she was real sad when Daddy’s Mom passed away. My job was to cheer Mommy up and I think I did a good job of it.

She called me a fur bundle and started smiling a lot more than when I first got there. Mommy carried me to the mailbox cause I was so little and I got to carry the mail back in in my mouth…she didn’t make me or nothing, it was just fun!

Pretty soon I learned what it meant when she said “Mail” and I got to walk out there with her and carry it back in. Some of those envelopes was almost as big as me! Big people laughed at me, but I didn’t care! It was another one of them jobs I was doing for Mommy that made her smile.

Anyways, we been together a long time I guess cause now some of the family is calling me old guy. I got to admit that sometimes I feel it, but that’s okay cause Mommy still takes good care of me. We been through lots a rough patches.

Bout 6 years ago, Daddy got real sick and didn’t play with me much anymore. Mommy was real sad and talked about cancer. I don’t exactly understand that word but its real bad I guess cause now Daddy went away. Me and Mommy were both really sad for a long time but I pitched in and helped as best as I could, even before Daddy went away.

Daddy seemed to like it when I laid my head on his arm while he was in that hospital bed Mommy got him. Mommy would sit in a chair by his bed and I would reach over from her lap and rest my head on his arm. He would even smile sometimes. But then Daddy was gone and I didn’t understand why he didn’t come back. It made me really sad and I could tell Mommy was really sad again to.

I tried to look all over the house for him, but I couldn’t find him. My looking seemed to make Mommy even sadder, so I quit doing that, even though I really wanted to. I got excited when his truck pulled up outside, but it was always someone else that came in the door and I got really disappointed.

I stuck pretty close to Mommy after that cause she seemed to feel better when she was holding me or cuddling on the bed. My fur even helped soak up her tears, but that was okay, it was part of my job and I really love my Mommy. Anyway, me and Mommy hung in there together and we did get better, even though we still miss Daddy very much.

After a few years of it just being me and Mommy, Stormy came to live with us, cause he needed a home. But that’s a story for another time and I’ll let Stormy have a wak at this writing stuff. So far, it’s been fun for me, even though I had to tell you all a sad story.

Stick around, cause me and Stormy are supposed to help Mommy out and we is going to keep on writing on this thing she calls a blog. You guys got to keep coming back to see what we got to say, cause that will help Mommy too!

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